Was sind umweltfreundliche Ethanol-Kamine?

Bonfires have been the ultimate sign of a peaceful and fun gathering with your loved ones while enjoying the beauty of the starry night, but in order to really appreciate the environment, one must also be conscious of the sustainability of the environment.

Hence, this article is for all those environmentally conscious humans whose contributions might seem insignificant but actually play a vital role in environmental viability.

What if I tell you that you can still have bonfire nights without damaging the Earth? Moreover, what if I tell you that you can have an indoor bonfire setup? You heard it right.

Here, we present to you an eco-friendly ethanol fireplace that is surely a necessity in your house if you are fond of spending quality time with your loved ones.

Let us first dive into the basics and try to get familiar with the features of ethanol fireplaces. We shall start with shedding light on what ethanol fire pits actually are.


What is an Ethanol Fireplace?

An ethanol fireplace is your eco-friendly alternative to gas fire pits consisting of an almost invisible flame that provides moderate warmth and a serene ambiance. They usually produce around 2 to 3 kilowatts of heat.

Ethanol fireplaces do not require complex and extravagant ventilation systems, neither do they necessitate the use of built-in chimneys or routes for the passage of smoke simply because they do not produce smoke and also do not leave behind a strong and unpleasant odor, unlike gas fire pits.

Ethanol fireplaces also provide just the right amount of illumination to your house that makes the visitors fall into a trance and elevates the decor of your house.

Figure 2- Elegant design of an eco-friendly ethanol fire pit
Figure 2- Elegant design of an eco-friendly ethanol fireplace

Types of Eco-friendly Ethanol Fire-pits

Ethanol fireplaces come in with a lot of variations and styles and you can customize them according to your own exquisite taste.

Due to their various types, they can fit in with all kinds of setups and can elevate the environment of your house.

Ethanol fireplaces are available in various models, some of which are as follows:

  • Tische
  • Schüsseln
  • Stainless steel stix
  • Brenner
  • Wall-installed fireplaces
Stainless steel stix: a type of eco-friendly ethanol fire pits
Figure 3- Stainless steel stix: a type of eco-friendly ethanol fire pits

Ethanol fire pits definitely have the ability to elevate the interior as well as the exterior setting of your house, but are they only suited as an aesthetic and minimalist decorative item, or are there more to the characteristics that they have to offer?

In order to come up with an objective answer to this question, let us explore the eco-friendly elements that ethanol fire pits involve.

What Makes Ethanol Fireplaces Eco-friendly?

The fuel used in Ethanol Fire Pits, as the name suggests, is alcohol-based ethanol which is made up of a variety of plants and instantly gives off a very earthly feeling.

They also do not produce any toxic gases and only leave behind water and carbon dioxide which are the core components required for the growth of plants.

Ethanol fire pits also minimize the loss of energy and are classified as a 100% energy-efficient source of heat.

They are also a cleaner option as compared to other alternatives as they leave no traces of ash or smoke behind.

Figure-4 Ethanol cycle.jpg

How to Use Eco-friendly Ethanol Fire-pits?

Ethanol fireplaces are fairly easy to use which adds to their list of advantages.

They do not require electric or gas connections. There aren’t also many steps that you need to perform in order to ignite an ethanol fire pit.

All you need to do is to pour the bioethanol fuel into the burner and light it up with the help of a lighter or a match stick.

You can also save the leftover bioethanol fuel by turning the fire pit off through its lid.

Figure-5 Usage of eco-friendly ethanol fire pit.jpg

Why are Ethanol FirePlaces Considered a Better Alternative as Compared to Gas and Wood Fire Pits?

Ethanol, as a burning fuel, has accumulated great demand due to its various advantages over alternatives such as gas and wood for fire pits.

Considering the environmental hazards that come along with wood burning, Montreal, a city in Canada, has decided to ban wood burners and fire pits in the area.

The only advantage that wood and gas fire pits have on ethanol fireplaces is the difference in price.

Wood-burning fire pits are the cheapest ranging from around $500 to $1,300, while gas fire pits cost around $800 to $3,800. Ethanol fire pits may cost around $1000 to $5000.

Even though ethanol fire pits might seem expensive upon comparison with other alternatives, they eventually save up on a lot of resources and money in the long run.

Figure-6 Characteristics of Ethanol fire pits

● Ethanol vs Wood

Wood-burning fire pits are considered the traditional mode of heating and fire and have been the common option to rely upon for decades.

However, there are a lot of drawbacks associated with them, for which reason, gas fire pits became the more suitable choice as they are less messy and produce less soot.

But later, ethanol fire pits succeeded in eradicating all drawbacks associated with gas fire pits and became the most desired form of heating.

Ethanol fireplaces are a far superior alternative as compared to wood fire pits even though both the options are derived from nature and earthly components.

Wood is derived from trees, while ethanol is derived from various crops and plants; however, the former works to destroy nature while the latter works to preserve nature.

The most obvious reason for opting for ethanol fireplaces, as opposed to wood fire pits, is the fact that they produce no smoke whatsoever.

While wood fire pits can often make it hard to breathe due to the heaps of smoke they produce which eventually pollutes the air as well and might become the cause of several diseases.

Wood-burning fire pits also have the capacity to get out of control really quickly and without notice which is why they are banned in vegetation regions in order to avoid wildfires or destruction of human life.

Wood-burning fire pits also require much more work as compared to ethanol fireplaces. Not only do they require effort in cleaning up after the fire has died down, but they also demand labor in order to start the fire.

Even their flames are uneven and either rise or fall depending on the environment, whereas the flames of an ethanol fire pit remain consistent and are not affected by anything.

Considering these factors, even gas fire pits are better than wood fire pits; however, ethanol fire pits beat all.

Figure-7 Wood fire pit

● Ethanol vs Natural Gas

Natural gas comes second after Ethanol in its benefits and might be considered a sufficient alternative if required by the circumstances.

However, not all households have a natural gas fitting, which is why ethanol fire pits are preferred as they do not require any sort of pre-setup.

Gas fire pits, along with wood fire pits, are often kept outdoors and also require an extensive ventilation system and pipes in order to get rid of the smoke and toxic chemicals that they produce.

Whereas, ethanol fireplaces can also be kept indoors and do not require extra expenditure on complicated systems.

Through the ventilation system and pipes, the heat of the fire pit manages to escape as well; however, ethanol fire pits maintain their warmth throughout.

Gas fire pits also require extra attention and care, as if they are left unattended or if you accidentally leave the gas supply turned on without the flame.

They possess the threat of causing explosions or fire in your house. Even the slightest bit of smoke that enters the house might set off fire alarms and cause panic.

Gas fire pits are limited by the gas connection and require a specific setting and position to be placed in, whereas, ethanol fire pits are free to move and can be placed anywhere according to your mood.

The installation and fixing of gas fire pits are extremely costly as it requires professionals, whereas, ethanol fire pits do not require any sort of installation, and even if they do, you can simply do it yourself, saving a lot of money.

Gas fire pits also require service after every 12 to 18 months which again are costly.

Ethanol fire pits offer the ability to limit the output of heat, which is beneficial as you can adjust it according to the area of different rooms in your house.

Meanwhile, since gas fire pits can not be moved or relocated, you will have to purchase multiple gas fire pits for different outdoor areas of the house.

Even though natural gas does not contribute as much to greenhouse emissions during burning.

However, the process of extraction of natural gas, which is called fracking, releases methane into the atmosphere which is ten times worse for the environment as it heats up the Earth.

Due to all these factors, ethanol fire pits are proven to be a much better alternative as compared to both wood and natural gas fire pits.

Figure-8 Patio Gas Fire Pit

Benefits of Eco-friendly Ethanol FirePlaces

Ethanol fire pits possess great benefits which makes them one of the most in-demand alternatives.

One of their most prominent advantages is that they possess eco-friendly characteristics and do not produce harmful toxins or unpleasant odors.

They also produce water and carbon dioxide which are beneficial for the process of photosynthesis of plants.

Since we have already discussed the eco-friendly features of ethanol fire pits, let us proceed towards the other advantages that they have to offer.

1. Einfache Installation

Ethanol fire pits can be set up in any area of the house and do not require any effort to start the fire.

They are also usually installed by the supplier and do not consist of separate parts or plugs that might complicate the installation.

You can also easily move the ethanol fire pit on your own according to your preference as they are lightweight.

Fire pits are usually suggested to be kept in a large open area; however, you can keep your ethanol fire pit in a small apartment as well.

Figure-9 Ethanol Firebox easy installation

2. Children friendly

Ethanol fire pits are a necessity in your house if you have children in the house, regardless of their age.

Since childhood is the age of curiosity, one must find a balance between allowing their children to explore various things and also keeping them protected.

Ethanol fire pits provide that balance as they are not scorchingly hot and are also usually covered making them safe for families.

Where wood and gas fire pits demand to maintain a distance from the flames, ethanol fire pits allow nearness without any potential hazards.

Figure-10 Ethanol fire table

3. Variety

Ethanol fireplaces are available in various models such as tables, bowls, stainless steel stix, burners, and wall-installed fireplaces. This diversity allows them to be a part of every household setting and elevates their presence.

Wall-installed fireplaces are much common and are a pleasant sight to see. They provide a soothing and tranquil feeling with dimmed lights and the illumination of the flames.

Ethanol fire tables consist of a decorative border that encircles the flames and provides visual appeal to their presence.

Figure-11 ethanol fire pits with various models

4. Burn time

Ethanol fire pits possess genuine and long-lasting flames with a burn time of around a minimum of 8 to 13 hours.

It is recommended to use high-quality ethanol fuel as it will burn longer and also provide a vibrant flame. They also do not require annual service.

Some of the ethanol fire pits also come with safety screens to protect the flames from wind ensuring an extended burning period.

Figure-12 Ethanol fire bowl with an extended burning period and high flame

5. Mehrzweck

Ethanol fire pits are not just used for the purpose of adding beauty to your indoor or outdoor setup or to provide heat, instead, you can also make use of an ethanol fire table as a dinner table.

As a much better substitute for candle-lit dinners, ethanol fire tables provide you enough space for sharing food as well as experiencing the beauty of a dimly lit surrounding with your loved ones.

To top it off, ethanol fire is safe and does not possess any potential threats.

Figure-13 tabletop ethanol fireplaces

Disadvantages of Eco-friendly Ethanol Fireplaces

Along with providing innumerable benefits, there are some factors in which ethanol fireplaces are still lacking. Being greatly in-demand does not automatically make them free of faults. Some of their disadvantages are listed below:

  • Ethanol fire pits are not suitable for cooking. You can not roast marshmallows on top of their flame.
  • It is hard to determine whether the ethanol fuel is running out or not making it hard to refill ethanol fire pits.
  • The intensity of the heat produced by ethanol fire pits is lesser as compared to wood or gas fire pits.
  • It requires refueling on a regular basis which might prove to be burdensome.
  • They take about 10 to 15 minutes until the flames have developed fully.
Figure-14 Low flame ethanol fire bowls

Precautions for the Sustainability of Ethanol Fire-pits

Ethanol fireplaces do not require much maintenance; however, you should take certain precautionary measures to avoid damaging the product as well as yourself. Some of the precautionary measures that have been deemed compulsory to be followed are:

  • Firstly, you need to ensure that the eco-friendly ethanol fireplace you have purchased is suitable to be kept indoors or not.
  • Always read the safety instructions provided by the manufacturers as they are the ones who know the product the best and can guide you about its functions and hazards appropriately.
  • Combustible items such as paper or charcoal should be kept out of the burner’s reach.
  • This step is the most basic one; however, many people deviate from the rule that only bioethanol fuel should be used for ethanol fireplaces.
  • Even though ethanol fire pits are children and family-friendly, you should not leave children unsupervised around them.
  • Do not attempt to move the ethanol fire pit while it is burning as it might be hot and may burn your skin very badly.
  • Do not pour additional fuel while the fire is already burning as it might cause inflammation.
Figure-15 Precautions-for-eco-friendly-ethanol-fire-pits

Is an Eco-friendly Ethanol Fire-pit the Right Choice for You?

An eco-friendly ethanol firepit is a right choice for you if you are not using it as a primary source of heat. Even though ethanol fire pits do provide a sufficient amount of heat, they can not be matched with the heat produced by wood or gas fire pits.

Most houses these days already possess a built-in primary heating system and require fire pits for supplemental heat. For this purpose, ethanol fire pits are the most suitable as they can provide heat to those who are immediately next to the fireplace and can also create a warm atmosphere as a whole.

Fire pits are mostly used for the purpose of creating a calm and tranquil surrounding, sitting with your favorite hot drinks and your favorite people talking about old memories, and letting the warmth engulf you and help you in feeling secure.

Or if you enjoy alone time, you can also savor the beauty of the surrounding with your favorite book or your favorite music or indulge in any artwork by getting inspired from the peace of the surrounding.

For all the above-mentioned purposes, ethanol fire pits are the ideal fit for you as you do not have to worry about cleaning the mess afterward or feel on edge due to all the sparks produced by wood-burning fire pits.

If you are not willing to invest in high-end and extensive chimneys and ventilation systems or electric and gas connections, you should definitely opt for eco-friendly ethanol fire pits.

Ethanol fire pits are also bound to excite you if you are an environmentally conscious person and play a vital part in contributing to the sustainability of nature. Or even if you are interested in interior designing and would like to add a traditional yet modern touch to your setup.


If you are an ethanol fireplaces importer, purchase the best ethanol fire pits at high-quality and good prices. You should find professional ethanol fireplace suppliers.

You can search ethanol fireplace in the B2B platform, like Alibaba, Made in China, etc, Or search ethanol fireplace suppliers on google.

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