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Professional Outdoor Kitchen Manufacturer In China

new design modulars outdoor kitchen

New Design Modulars Outdoor Kitchen

New Design Modulars Stainless Steel Silver Colour Outdoor Kitchen for Your Home is a Best Choice.

Outdoor Kitchen Manufacturer and Supplier: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your household space adds great value to your home. For houses with larger open spaces, outdoor kitchens prove to be a very useful and convenient cooking center.

There are plenty of manufacturers and suppliers that work to create the best kitchen appliances for your outdoor spaces.

Yet, when choosing the outdoor kitchen supplier, one should select the best and the most efficient supplier to enhance their outdoor spaces.

fig 1 outdoor kitchen

fig 1 outdoor kitchen

This FAQ Guide consists of all the basic information one has to know before choosing an Outdoor Kitchen Manufacturer, All that you need to know about the outdoor kitchen supplier, and why Co-Arts Innovation is the definitive choice; dig into the article below!

1. What are the basic factors to consider while choosing the best supplier?

Building an outdoor kitchen requires a very understanding and knowledgeable supplier to help you in the best possible way.

A few things to consider that might help you select the best supplier are mentioned below.

Figure 2: Choosing a Supplier

Figure 2: Choosing a Supplier

  • Guter Kommunikator:

Each outdoor kitchen is unique in its way, depending on the space and resources. The outdoor kitchen supplier should have great communication skills to understand what the customer requires out of their space, time, and budget and get the job done. The lesser misunderstandings, the less hassle during the completion of the project.

  • Excellent portfolio:

Their style and teamwork can be guessed by examining their recent projects. You can always talk to their former customers to gain satisfaction from their work.

  • Budget:

Outdoor kitchen suppliers have a different range of equipment and designs available. The vital factor is the budget you have for the whole project. It is important to take precautionary measures for safety hazards beforehand to stay on budget in the longer run.

  • Good use of space:

An outdoor kitchen supplier has to understand each part of your outdoor space to provide the best outcome possible. It is crucial to commit to a supplier you are not satisfied with. The space should be planned thoroughly and efficiently as it also involves electric, gas, and water supplies. Therefore, little mistakes might lead to extremely unhealthy situations.

  • Zeiteinteilung:

Do they fulfill their work in the proposed time? Do they have an accurate timeline? Are they time efficient? – all these questions arise in the mind of a customer, and the supplier should be able to satisfy all the respective concerns.

2. Are outdoor kitchens as efficient as indoor ones?

Outdoor kitchens are now so in trend and gradually spreading all over the world. As the demand has increased, the market for the materials used for outdoor kitchens has also increased.

Plenty of choices are available to select from for building your ideal outdoor kitchen. Building an outdoor kitchen is equivalent to building a legacy. As the indoor kitchen is covered and protected, the outdoor kitchen is exposed to all kinds of weather. It may be harsh or extremely cold or hot weather.

Who does not like to create a happy, friendly environment outdoors? Especially when there is a gathering, what is better than having an outdoor kitchen which enables you to cook and entertain the guests at the same time instead of spending the time indoors while others are having fun?

The following link leads to a video that might help you.

Outdoor kitchens are as efficient as indoor ones, while some may prefer them to be more useful. Outdoor kitchens enhance the living space and help you cut down utility bills as the seating is also done outdoors. Outdoor kitchens have gained so much popularity, the resales of such houses return a high rate of financial investment.

Using stainless steel kitchens outdoors makes them easier to maintain, and handles the changes in temperatures of the environment you live in.

3.Does Co-Arts consist of all the outdoor kitchen appliances required?

Co-arts is a China outdoor kitchen supplier, wholesaler, and manufacturer. We deal with businesses that are small to medium scale with low manufacturing charges for them to stand in the competing market, without jeopardizing the quality of the production, no matter how big the manufacturing order is.

  • We help our customers to bring their ideas to life and manufacture products that serve the best.
  • We can supply professional service for our customers in terms of outdoor kitchen manufacturing.
  • We have several appliance customers lined up in business with us to meet your budgeting needs as well as demands.
  • We provide all the best quality outdoor kitchen appliances required by the customer to make their outdoor kitchen space functional as well as beautiful.

4. How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?

When thinking of constructing an outdoor kitchen, the first question that pops up in your mind is – How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?

Simply the average cost of the construction of an outdoor kitchen is between $13,000 and might go up to $40,000.

The cost price varies widely depending on the setup. The lowest price outdoor kitchen costs under $13,000; however, on the other hand, the most luxurious outdoor kitchen costs around $40,000.

The exact cost depends on your budget and how much you are willing to invest.

The household renewal projects have a high-cost value, so does this, but it also gives back profit if you are ever to sell your house with an outdoor kitchen.

Several factors impact the total cost of outdoor kitchen manufacturing starting from the materials used in each part of the kitchen, the grill, landscaping, lighting, and all the other essentials.

The utmost factor in determining the cost is the customer’s demands or requirements and their budget. We make do everything within the budget the customer provides us.

Figure 3: A budgeted outdoor kitchen

Figure 3: A budgeted outdoor kitchen

5. What materials and foundations are required to build an outdoor kitchen?

Building an outdoor kitchen makes you think in several different ways. As compared to the indoor kitchen, there are many factors to be considered while choosing everything for the outdoor kitchen, such as the materials used to make each thing.

The grill and appliances should be made from stainless steel to last longer and be easily maintained.

The outdoor kitchen walls suit the best if made of stone, concrete, bricks, or wood.

The cabinets and drawers are most commonly made of stainless steel or polymer.

Some of the key factors to keep in mind while selecting materials for your outdoor kitchen space are:

  • Select materials are highly recommended for outdoor purposes.
  • Materials that are easy to clean and wipe instead of requiring a wash.
  • Materials used should be sturdy and low maintenance.
  • Materials that can handle high amounts of heat should be selected.
  • Check with the manufacturer or constructor if the materials require finishing.

6. What are the essential appliances to be installed in the outdoor kitchen?

Creating an outdoor space with a kitchen can be a huge task, however, with correct planning, it can be the best decision you ever make!

There is no accurate list of what should and should not be in the outdoor kitchen, depending on the personal preferences of the homeowners.

You may have a chat with your outdoor kitchen supplier to help you with the essentials to keep in your kitchen. However, the following is a list of basic things that you might think of including.

  • 1. Powerful Burners
  • 2. Sink with hot and cold taps
  • 3. Refrigerator/ Cold Storage
  • 4. Mülleimer
  • 5. Dry storage
  • 6. Outdoor Rangehood
  • 7.Bar-B-Q Grill
  • 8. Raucher
  • 9. Gas grill
  • 10. Outdoor furniture or seating area
  • 11. Feuerstelle
  • 12. Kücheninsel
  • 13. Side Burner
  • 14. Pizza Oven
  • 15. Ventilator
  • 16. Pflanzgefäße

Figure 4 Outdoor Kitchen Essentials

Figure 4 Outdoor Kitchen Essentials

For additional safety purposes and ventilation, you may add vents to keep the smoke and other contaminants out of your outdoor area.

Also, the supplier or manufacturer should make sure that the gas grills, burners, and all other appliances are properly insulated while installing them.

Investing in these items will lead to a long-lasting and comfortable outdoor space. A high-quality, modern outdoor kitchen adds great value to the whole aesthetics of the home.

7. How can you choose the best suppliers of outdoor kitchen utensils?

Opting for the outdoor kitchen supplier is crucial as they should have an understanding of all the correct types or materials to be used.

The supplier should also gain an understanding of the style of their customer, and meet their demands to provide a long-lasting and pleasant experience.

  • Recherchiere:

Before selecting the outdoor kitchen supplier, look for all the potential suppliers online or through your contacts, as well as the customer feedback on the respective suppliers.

Avoid any suppliers with unnecessary behaviors and negative feedback to keep your experience smooth and fulfilling.

  • Experienced Outdoor Kitchen Suppliers:

‘Practice Maketh a Man Perfect’ is a proverb that notifies the importance of continuity and learning in any aspect of life.

Especially in reference to the contractors, outdoor kitchen designers, architects, and other designers in general.

If you have a situation, on one side, you have an inexperienced lawn maintenance company, while on the other hand, you have an experienced outdoor kitchen designer.

Who would you choose or trust with your outdoor kitchen space and supply of kitchen appliances?

The unforeseen circumstances while building the outdoor kitchen can only be understood and tackled by a professional outdoor kitchen supplier.

As per the changes to be made in the materials the kitchen is constructed from, the cracking of the countertops, appliances, and grills will last in the type of environment you live in.

  • A supplier with access to several brands and materials:

The outdoor kitchen supplier selected should have their hands on a great range of materials as the diversity of materials paves the way to creating a dream outdoor kitchen.

Such as modern aluminum outdoor kitchens, stainless steel outdoor kitchens, the ones that feel like real stone but are made of concrete, cabinet-styled kitchens, etc.

depending on the customer’s preferences and requirements.

The remodeling of outdoor appliances such as grills and cooking ranges to roast, bake, or grill good items is also in trend.

  • Walk through their projects:

We recommend you visit their projects by requesting your outdoor kitchen supplier or looking up their customers and getting in touch with the homeowners directly.

They could let you so much insight and clarity on choosing the outdoor kitchen supplier as well as open new ideas to you that might not have crossed your mind before!

8. What is used as a vent for the outdoor kitchen?

It might occur in your mind, why does an outdoor kitchen require a vent? But even though you cook outside in the open area, your kitchen still needs a proper means of ventilation to make the process and your party a fun one.
The outdoor kitchen supplier will explain it thoroughly to you as well as walk you down the points vents should be.
Installing propane or gas vents cuts down the risk of gas gathering up on your island and, in case of any leak, protects from any unwanted circumstances.
Figure 5: An Outdoor Kitchen Vent

Figure 5: An Outdoor Kitchen Vent

A vent hood is also used to protect your walls from the smoke that comes out of the grill.

If the outdoor kitchen manufacturer has made a covered kitchen, a vent hood should be installed to pave away the unwanted smoke, so the guests are not disturbed by it.

9. What are the top things to consider while designing the outdoor kitchen?

It takes a lot to build an outdoor kitchen from scratch. You need to look for the perfect outdoor kitchen supplier to manufacture the kitchen as per your ideas.

There are several things to consider, including floor, countertops, grills, appliances, and so much more.

Figure 6: Designing the Outdoor Kitchen

Figure 6: Designing the Outdoor Kitchen

  • Schutz

The best investments made in outdoor kitchens are the ones that can be used at any time of the year and not just when the weather allows.

The climate should not surpass whether it is very cold, a sunny day, or raining. You may add on a convertible transparent roof, big umbrellas, ceiling fans, etc.

  • Ausreichende Beleuchtung

An outdoor kitchen space is of no use unless there is balanced lighting. Considering, it is mostly used for gatherings and parties that mostly occur when the sun goes down.

Use landscape lighting embedded in the floor or lights which you can control. Using candles on the tables for illumination and aesthetic purposes is always a great touch.

  • Functional space

The space in which work activities have to be carried out will lay out the picture of your outdoor kitchen.

The space should be functional, making it easy to cook and maintain.

The openings and circuits for gas and electrical purposes should be planned precisely.

If you do not have enough space outdoors to place your refrigerator, plan the outdoor kitchen in a space close to your indoor kitchen to make good use of the sink and refrigerator for both kitchens.

  • Sitzecke

The main idea of the outdoor kitchen rises for entertainment purposes. A wide dining area with an appropriate number of chairs or sofas is a must in an outdoor kitchen space.

You may inform the supplier of your requirements, and they can manufacture something just for you, depending on the budget, amount of seating, and space.

The countertops serve to be a great display of food. The countertops should be sturdily made of wood, concrete, marble, or other types of stone to be presentable and easy to clean.

You can also add armchairs and loungers to add a relaxing effect.

  • The correct type of materials

Choose materials for the manufacturing of the outdoor kitchen that can withstand extreme natural conditions as well as exposed weather conditions without cracking.

Surfaces made out of raw materials and minerals that are indestructible should be considered for outdoor kitchen spaces such as flooring.

10. Should the outdoor kitchen be covered while not in use?

The materials used in the manufacturing and construction of outdoor kitchens are quite sturdy, and weather resistant; still, their quality will diminish with time if prone to harsh weather conditions such as moisture or extreme cold.

An outdoor kitchen, especially if open air, should have a covering to protect it against the elements of the environment.

To ensure the long life and efficient working of your outdoor kitchen supplies, we will highly recommend covering them with a gazebo, canopy, or roof or to construct them under a balcony.

If you do not want to enclose your outdoor kitchen and keep it open, you can consider installing big umbrellas to protect the kitchen from the sun.

However, the ultimate choice for covering depends on the atmosphere around you.

Figure 7: Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Figure 7: Covered Outdoor Kitchen

11. How spaced should the grill be from the house, considering safety precautions?

Before buying or manufacturing an outdoor kitchen, do your research on everything you need to know about it.

The far most concerning thing is space. You should have enough space in your outdoor area to place the grills as per manufacturer booklet instructions.

Generally, a grill should be placed at least 3 to 4 feet away from the walls of the house. Considering that cannot catch fire, so anything that might be slightly flammable, grills should be placed at least 10 feet away from them to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

For safety concerns, get the grill installed by the supplier to ensure all the safety guidelines are in check.

Therefore, you should keep the grill as far as possible to have a safe, healthy, and enjoyable experience.

Figure 8: A Bar-B-Q Grill

Figure 8: A Bar-B-Q Grill

A few safety tips while using the charcoal grill in the outdoor kitchen are mentioned below.

  • Let the charcoal cool:

Before touching to remove or move the charcoal, let it cool down completely. It may take a while for it to cool down, so be patient; otherwise, you might end up burning yourself. The ideal time to give to charcoal for cooling down is 48 to 50 hours.

  • Use a lighter to ignite the grill:

A grill lighter is highly recommended to start the grill as they are designed exclusively for this purpose. The long neck of the lighter makes it easy to ignite the fire from a distance without hurting yourself.

  • Wear incombustible gloves:

Consider wearing gloves to avoid burning your hands from the heat of the grill. The gloves are made up of synthetic fiber to induce thermal insulation.

  • Avoid using Gasoline:

Gasoline is very combustible and can lead to property damage. Space out the charcoal to increase the airflow between them to ease the method of starting it. Charcoal lighting fluid is a better option.

12. Co-Arts: A Professional Outdoor Kitchen Supplier from China

Co-Arts Innovation is a corporation that has been in the market for 15+ years, and throughout these years, the company has become skilled at its knack for providing efficient customer-demanded products.

Our customers are our ultimate priority, and due to this reason, we have been magnificently winning the hearts of millions of people from all over the world.

We construct merchandise according to the requirements of our customers, and because of this policy, we are able to attract customers from all around the world. We always strive for quality, no matter how large the order is.

We provide a variety of outdoor kitchens that can help you transform your outdoor space into something that leaves everyone stunned.

Mit einer bundesweiten Zustellung wollen wir alle Wünsche unserer Kunden erfüllen.

Wenn Sie also möchten, dass jemand Ihr ultimativer Kunstblumenlieferant ist, erweist sich Co-Arts Innovation als perfekte Wahl.


An outdoor kitchen space is an addition to the entertainment areas in the home. It adds abundant value to the home and takes it to a new level.

As the trend has begun recently, around 70% of the architects reported including an outdoor kitchen in their house plans.

It makes an excellent cozy space, giving out restaurant vibes, for gatherings and parties.

However, choosing the right outdoor kitchen supplier, manufacturer, or wholesaler for kitchen appliances and manufacturing, it can be done in due time!

We hope you find this FAQ guide helpful and that it contains all the information you need about outdoor kitchen suppliers. Choose Co-Arts Innovation as your ultimate wholesale supplier for your Outdoor Kitchen.

You can drop down your requests and customized orders, and we promise to fulfill your demands and bring them to life in as little time as possible, that too with extravagant quality products!

You can connect to us at Co-Arts Innovation at any time and get your queries answered.

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